About Us

AmitaUSA Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Alternative Natural Healing Center

We use and teach healing based on the primary holistic schools: bio-energy healing, Reiki, Karuna-Kei, Chinese, Korean Su Jok, French Auriculotherapy acupuncture, magnetic therapy, color therapy, vibration therapy, lymph draining techniques, detoxification treatments, micro current, and plasma current therapies.At the Amita Homeopathy & Alternative Natural Healing Center, we provide a unique, alternative approach to holistic medicine. We use bio-energy screening tests to detect disorders.

At the Amita Healing Holistic Center, you will find emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva has years of professional training and experience to provide you with an easy to understand description of how homeopathy can be used to treat supposedly "incurable conditions". She knows about the history, philosophy and practice of homeopathy, and how it will cure various health problems.


Dr. Yakovleva can guide you to current homeopathic resources, and can tell you about her personal experiences treating many patients. She can also tell you about the scientific evidence supporting the validity of homeopathy that can change the most stubborn of skeptics. You'll realize that homeopathy is a worthy alternative to traditional medicine. It is safe, effective, inexpensive and have no site effects.

Dr. Yakovleva knows about the relatively new phenomenon called LM potency. She can also include a combination of remedies like: isopathy, anthroposophic medicines, homeopathic prophylaxis, homeopathic specifics, cell salts, intuitive and machine-generated prescribing, Flower Essences, herbalism, and energy healing. She firmly believes that it is important for patients to understand which treatment methods are best for them.

Dr. Yakovleva can relate to you many success stories drawn from her personal experiences, other practitioners, patients, and their family members. Homeopathy can often provide dramatic reversals of Alzheimer's disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, and mental illness. Since many people, even in enlightened circles, don't fully understand homeopathy and its potential, she has taken up the challenge of getting the word out - and the even larger challenge of providing accessible, affordable, professional, homeopathic health care to as many people as possible. Dr. Yakovleva is specializing on whole body detoxification, which is important in treating skin disorder, depression and many other conditions.