Homeopathy for Arteriosclerosis

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Arteriosclerosis refers to a cardiovascular condition in which the walls of the arteries are thickened and hardened by the fatty materials such as cholesterol and fat. This causes the formation of plaque which narrows and blocks the arteries leading to several cardiovascular diseases. Arteriosclerosis is not a condition that suddenly happens. It is developed over the years when the artery walls are gradually thickened over the period of time. Fortunately, the traditional Homeopathy for Arteriosclerosis is considered as the most relevant option today for treating this condition. Let’s learn more about Arteriosclerosis and understand how homeopathy is helpful.
Risk factors of Arteriosclerosis:
• Males are more vulnerable to this condition than females
• Elderly people are at high risk
• Hereditary Risks
• High cholesterol levels in the blood
• Diabetes
• Hypertension or high blood pressure
• Chain Smoking
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Obesity
• Inactiveness and sedentary lifestyle
Symptoms of Arteriosclerosis:
The symptoms of arteriosclerosis may vary from person to person and the region or affected artery. The symptoms are more noticeable only when there is much narrowing or blockage of the arteries. In this case, the arteries aren’t able to supply enough amount of blood to the different body organs or tissues. Symptoms when arteries related to brain are involved:
• Sagging of facial muscles
• Extreme numbness
• Difficulty in speech
• Reading and writing difficulties
• Major headache
• Difficult comprehension
• Weakness
• Paralysis
• Difficulty in swallowing
• Blurred vision or Blindness
Symptoms when arteries related to heart are involved:
• Extreme numbness

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