Sport Injuries

No matter how hard you exercise injuries or other health problems happen a lot and homeopathy can be a safe and natural remedy for any trauma.

Treating Sports Injuries With Homeopathy New York

Many patients get significant improvement after the first 6 treatments


Whether you are playing tennis or hockey, or regularly jogging in the morning to stay healthy sport injuries occur on a regular basis from a pulled muscle to coughs and colds. Taking synthetic medications may have severe side effects and sometimes lead to even worse consequences that impact the internal body organs. Many sportsmen and doctors study homeopathy more today, because they believe it work better and provides better results in coping with various types of trauma. Using homeopathy for muscle strain injuries in combination with physical therapy is proved to be more effective than approaches used by medicine.

Sport injuries that do not require instant surgical interference usually involve muscle, tissue or bone injuries. Homeopathy is a right approach and can be used when the injury is in the initial stages and is likely to be superficial – sprains, knocks, falls or when bruising is easily visible, but will be more useful when some of the other features are present such as wanting to be left alone or not able to bear someone touching the area.

No matter how hard you exercise injuries or other health problems happen a lot and homeopathy can be a safe and natural remedy for any trauma.

Many patients get significant improvement after the first 6 treatments


Homeopathic medicines are available as single remedies or as formulas of two or more remedies mixed together. Formulas are a more user-friendly way to use homeopathic medicines since the indications for their use are extremely clear. The use of several remedies in a formulas provide a more broad spectrum effect not available in a single remedy. Because injuries sometimes involve muscle, nerve, and bone tissue, it sometimes makes sense to use formulas to help to heal the various tissues involved. Amita Holistic Center is a place located in Brooklyn, New York where you can get help with your sport inputs not only as a single remedy, but also as formula that dr. Tatyana designs for you and your injury to get the most effective results in treatment. 

Although most homeopathic remedies are in pill form for internal consumption, there are a select number of homeopathic medicines which are available in external applications. Some external applications are in ointments, gels, or sprays. Although they have a similar degree of efficacy, each has certain benefits and detriments. Amita Holistic Center designs a course of homeopathic treatment for your sport injury in a combination with not only external remedies, but also such procedures as cupping, acupressure and acupuncture are also included in the course of treatment. Dr. Tatyana is one doctor in New York who uses a custom designed approach to treat patients with sport injuries by combining a number of methods and remedies to achieve the most effective results. 

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Muscle cramps

These are a common problem in athletes. When it happens after a match it is painful and inconvenient, but during a match it can mean the difference between winning and losing. If cramps are a common problem try homeopathy to treat your problem connected to the sport injury. In Brooklyn, New York Amita Holistic Healing Center is the best place to find the best homeopathic approach to your problem, as dr. Tatyana helps you not only with releasing pain, but also focuses on assigning the best possible treatment course to focus on muscle cramps and provide a decent hydration to your muscles. If you develop a cramp then this can be increased to one sip every two or three minutes until it subsides. Remember to mark the bottle well as you should use a different bottle to drink from if you are trying to keep up your level of hydration!

Tennis elbow

Besides helping in first aid cases homeopathic remedies can be used in injuries that take a longer time to develop such as tennis elbow. This is not easily related to a specific incident but develops over weeks or months and causes pain in the elbow, which is worse when trying to pick up an object at arm’s length. Homeopathic elbow injury treatment at Amita Clinic in Brooklyn New York will provide you the best approach at targeting your injury and releasing your pain with no side effects, as all remedies used for your treatment are homeopathic and does not affect any of your internal organs. Whether you need help with homeopathic knee injury, dr. Tatyana is the one you are looking for in New York to help you heal your symptoms.

Achilles tendonitis

This is another problem that tends to develop slowly. The tendon becomes painful and sometimes appears swollen or feels soft to the touch. Treatment should include an assessment of both footwear and the way the lower limbs move to help eliminate causative factors. Rest, good footwear and physiotherapy are the mainstay of treatment. Homeopathic remedies can be used alongside conventional treatments rather than replacing them as healing tends to be slow and difficult to sustain.

Painful heels

A condition called plantar fasciitis causes pain, which is typically worse first thing in the morning when you put your foot to the floor and eases off during the day. This is due to inflammation of a thick layer of connective tissue, which attaches to the underside of the heel. This inflammation occurs at the junction of the connective tissue and the heel bone and therefore homeopathy is helpful in doses as outlined for Achilles tendinitis.

What can’t homeopathy achieve? 

It can’t replace correct equipment, good coaching and sensible training schedules; neither can it replace accurate diagnosis of an injury. If in any doubt get a professional opinion. A good coach is invaluable in preventing injuries and a chartered physiotherapist is equally so in treating them, take your chosen remedy along and tell them about it. You may be surprised at how much they know about homeopathy already and if not – why not tell them?

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