About Amita


I just want to help myself and my loved ones-what is the best start for me?

The best way is to start from diagnostic to understand your energy imbalances and health problems and then to take Rei ki and/or Magic Points courses. This courses are primarily geared towards individuals who plan to use Energy Therapy to help themselves. However, we want to teach you more!

I don't believe that I can practice Bioenergy Healing( Rei ki or Magic Points) do I have enough power to learn and use it?

There are no limitations on who can be trained to use Bioenergy Therapy methods of healing. We are all capable of feeling and moving the positive energy around the body. The essence of this practice is ancient and we would like to re-introduce you to it.

Are there additional workshops I could attend if I want more practice or information?

Many people also come to courses as a vehicle for personal growth, and enjoy periodic support workshop groups as a means of self-discovery. It is a very revealing although absolutely non-threatening experience. Over time, the practice can significantly shift the quality of your physical and emotional responses so you can become more consistent with your current, conscious intentions. Most people remark that the shifts that they experienced due to training and practice were profound. All of Bioenergy balancing courses are a journey in self-discovery. Many participants voice desire to remain in touch with their group members, practice and learn more about self healing.

Our main courses are Karuna ReikiAmita Kundalini ReikiYoga ( Sitting yoga), Magic points, New life( Second birth)

Does My health affect the client if I will practice Bioenergy healing?

Practitioners must ensure that they are medically, physically, and psychologically fit in order to practice because the practitioner is transferring energy to areas in the client that are deficient. There are practices which help practitioners to protect their fields against depletion. We offer courses on how anyone might do this in their everyday life (Amita Kundalini Reiki).

Will I be certified? What results should I expect?

A diploma is granted upon completion of the course. It will allow you to practice as an Bioenergy Healer and participate in our workshops. A lot of my students successfully practicing with relatives, friends and in their own business. (See Testimonials)



I do have spine pain what is the best way to heal myself?

The best way is to start from diagnosis to understand cause of you pain and take course of treatment to train you cells to work properly. After that take course of Sitting yoga to learn suitable stretching for you case and Magic points to learn how to realize you pain.

What results should I expect?

Therapy is an integration of ancient energy healing and new modern technologies. Great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits have been reported by patients. Therapy has been noted to effectively reduce stress and pain, boost the immune system, increase stamina, productivity and creativity as well as promote emotional balance. It is very helpful in preventing disease and promoting longevity and well-being.

How does the Bio-energy Therapy feel?

Energy is non-intrusive: this means you do not have to remove any articles of clothing. Therapist may touch your body or not at all. During treatment many people feel a tingling sensation, a hot or cold wave, or a magnetic pull. Some do not; however everyone feels is the sense of relaxation that comes over them.

When should I expect to see results?

Depending on severity of the health problem or emotional issue, especially when it has been reinforced during the course of your lifetime, it may take several times to fully address its complexity. For instance, someone with a chronic health problem that has been in place for years may require 5 treatments to see results. And long lasting practice in self healing or take homeopathy or herbs in order to unravel the many layers of similar events that have intensified the impact now being experienced in the body.

Can Therapy work in conjunction with Western medicine or the treatment of my healthcare providers?

We rely on medical doctors and other healthcare specialists to provide the critical research, diagnostic and treatment services as needed. Energy Therapy does not constitute treatment nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature. It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care, although it can work in a complementary fashion with all of these disciplines. At the Amita Holistic Healing Center we are committed to building relationships, as well as consultation and referral networks within the healthcare community to ensure optimum healthcare for each individual.



What is your referral policy?

Your trust in our method is important to us. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Please note that we offer generous incentives for referrals.