Beauty through Microcurrent Rejuvenation therapy procedure was originally developed as a medical treatment, but has been adapted as a cosmetic procedure. In the late 1980s, Microcurrent Therapy was used to treat facial weakness and asymmetrical facial paralysis in victims of Bell’s Palsy and strokes in the U.S. The treatment seemed to “lift” patients’ faces and help them look like their former selves. Microcurrent systems were also used to treat muscular injuries (especially in athletes) and for pain relief (by physiotherapists).

This treatment has been available in the U.K. for cosmetic purposes since the early 1990s with the introduction of the CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument), which became known as the original “non-surgical face-lift”. Treatment results in the reduction of wrinkles, an improvement in the overall shape of the face, a better complexion, and improvements in the appearance of stretch marks and scar tissue. It’s now here right in Brooklyn.

Microcurrent Rejuvenation therapy can be used to lift muscles and loose skin in every part of the body. Recent studies from the University of Washington have shown a 14% increase in the production of natural collagen, a 48% increase in natural elastin production, and 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days of Microcurrent Rejuvenation therapy.

We use an intensive stimulating Microcurrent Rejuvenation treatment utilizing Clasp technology to reprogram facial muscles and restore elasticity. The gentle electrical impulses actually rehabilitate the muscles and improve circulation, texture, tone, and fine lines. Regular use of the Microcurrent therapy improves muscle strength and restores freshness to appearance. No other treatment can come close to these proven results! A series is recommended for optimum effect.


Expected results summary: