These are the stories of our patients who worked with Dr. Tatyana at Amita Holistic Healing Center in Brooklyn, New York

Kidney and Energy Problems

This is a story of our patient Jerry, who had a kidney cancer years ago and only had one of his kidney left. He felt very weak and weary, however, after working with Dr. Tatyana at Amita Holistic healing Center in Brooklyn his energy level is back and his kidney function is better. He believes that there is a certain correlation between the energy level and the body organs. He now believes that a doctor with acupuncture and energy therapy can do better than a regular doctor can. 

Allergic Skin Reactions Case

Rinke came to Amita Holistic Healing Center in Brooklyn because she was having a lot of allergies. She had a lot of skin problems, it was very itchy and it was a reaction to the household chemicals and environmental allergens. Rinke tried to treat her itchy allergic reactions with various gels and medications, but it was useless. After working with doctor Tatyana and her holistic and homeopathic approaches, Rinke's skin is clean now and she has been feeling great. 

Anxiety and Weight Problems

Carla was feeling off for a while and went to see her physician who referred her to psychiatrist assuming she was having anxiety attacks. Carla's mood was off, she was gaining weights, experiencing insomnia and was in pain in general. Her mind is quiet now and body is relaxed. She started feeling better after just the first treatment she's been with Dr. Tatyana at Amita Holistic Healing Center. She has no pain anymore and is back to normal like never before.


Asthma and Panic Attacks

Roy came to Amita clinic with his anxiety attack problems, which is very very few now. Also, the treatment Roy got at Amita Holistic Healing Center in Brooklyn helped his allergies. He would wake up every morning and would be sneezing and had a running nose and now it is much better. This patients had panic attacks, allergy and asthma for the last 10 years, however, after the treatment he received at Amita he no longer needs any medications. 


Reiki and Anxiety

Betty's experience with Reiki treatment at Amita Holistic Healing Center in Brooklyn was very beautiful, she felt like she was floating in a bubble after the first treatment. She started feeling very protected and she knew that everything is okay. In addition, Betty felt the sense of wellness that she has never felt before, which made her happy and calmed down. She compares it to an awakening, which many patients experience after Reiki Treatment.

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Helping with the problems

*For years now, I have been suffering from problems. With my hormones, thyroids, lymphatic system, irregular painful periods, mood swings, putting on weight, and depression. Lately I developed problems with my heart. I have seen a few doctors but with no success until I came to this office. In my very first visit Dr. Tatyana Y. pointed all my problems, and started working on me the very same day. Now I am I great health, all my problems have been addressed, even my menstrual periods are regular. I now feel very happy and healthy.


Yoga, Protection from Negative Energy

*Great Teacher - Interesting Classes - I met Tatyana for the first time during the energy work class and my life completely changed since. Every week for more than 2 years I drive from New Jersey to Brooklyn to learn about how to help myself and others to deal with stress, pain, chronic or acute conditions, relationships… I met a lot of interesting people who think the way I think and have the same beliefs as I do. A lot of us became friends, because of the Amita Healing Center’s warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere. I practice what I learned from Tatyana Yakovleva multiple times a day like yoga exercises, protection from negative energy, healing myself and others. I do not know how my life would have turned out if I never met Tatyana before, but I am thrilled at the way it is now.

MKovalyov, New Jersey

Scoliosis, Shebang-it Solutions

*Changed my life-seriously - I've had scoliosis since I was very young, lots of pain, female issues, the whole shebang-it was awful. Couldn't get pregnant, got fat, got miserable. Dr. Tatyana is completely amazing with the spine stuff, I've felt like I wasn't being pinned all the time for the first time I think ever. The classes really helped with remembering how not to be miserable, and I did the weight loss thing too. I have to say, it was worth the bucks for me. My work doesn't provide insurance, so I was killing myself on painless visits anyway. At least this helped, and I really liked that she treated me like a person, instead of just poking here and there like other doctors and pushing me out of the door, telling me I need to eat less and cheer up. It's nice to be treated like a human being for a change. No pain for the first time ever and not looking like a cow is a bonus.

Panterrra, Brooklyn, NY

Anxiety and Depression GONE!

*Great Healer! Amazing results! - I vent to Doctor Tatyana Yakovleva for help with Depression and anxiety. It is amazing that results are so fast, depression is gone completely and Anxiety attacks stop and never come back. But most surprising is that I lost 1 size in one month with out any diets and exercising! Thank You so much!

Midtown East, New York, NY

Crystals and Essential Oils at its best usage!

*Awesome Healing Center - I love coming to the center for lecture and classes. We learn different healing techniques and then can practice there, helping ourselves and others. Every time I learn something new. I have found out different ways of how to use during healing sessions and we always get hands-on experience under supervision of Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva. She also can suggest the best treatments we can use and help us with our healing processes.

Kelly, Queens, NY

Acupuncture and Herbal Treatments

*Great place for natural remedies & healing – Tatyana was amazing. The diagnostic methods at this place were very unique and I was so impressed by how she found natural ways to treat me, instead of just prescribing medicine like every doctor seems to do these days. The acupuncture and herbal treatments have done wonders for me. Highly recommend it!

Serra, Brooklyn, NY


*I was thirty years old, still turning heads when walking into a bar, with a gorgeous blue-eyed baby and a more than successful career at a prestigious company. And borderline suicidal. I hurt all the time and my body could no longer sustain the doses on painkillers I had been living on for the past few years.

The massive spine surgeries I was forced to go through at fifteen and twenty-three had saved my legs, but left me crippled with dysfunctional nerves, hurting muscles, twisted out-of-place ribs, bones and joins, and inflammatory processes. And chronic searing pains that started in the lower back, rose up enveloping my hips and stomach, spreading through my back, shooting into my legs and clutching at my throat. The Western medicine was running out of painkillers which slowly but surely killed my digestive system. Walking by the Au Bon Pain in the morning I enviously eyed people having coffee with croissants. I took painkillers for breakfast shaking them out of the bottle and counting them on the table. If I took all of them at once, the pain would stop forever.

I didn't believe in alternative medicine, but my faith in the Western one had thinned like a morning mist. I didn't think there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to fall all the way down into a pit before you can start climbing. Funny things happen at pit bottoms.

Tanya and I met at someone's apartment. The apartment was small, dark, and. the air was difficult to breath. Nowadays I would deem it as having rather bad energy, but I didn't know enough at the time. I didn't like the apartment, I didn't like the woman who lived there, I didn't believe in healers with supernatural abilities, but I hurt bad enough to try whatever. The apartment didn't have any suitable surface for a therapy session but had an old and dirty wall to wall carpet. In other words, it was the bottom. So plopped on the carpet face down and got ready for whatever.

Not a lot could be done during our first therapy session because I wouldn't let people's hands touch my back for it always hurt. I felt hands approaching in the air. I shivered when Tanya's hand was five inches away. When it got closer, I almost crawled from under it. My inflamed nerves somehow knew a foreign object was approaching which meant new pain.

So we only did Reiki. And when you're really screwed up and you have Reiki done to you for the first time, you cry. Everything you suffered comes out.

Crying helped. At the end of the session I could tolerate hands on my back. Moreover, I let Tanya pull and twist some of my ribs and bones and they did weird things. They moved and fell into places where they belonged better. A few days later I realized I could run up the stairs, which I couldn't do since my first surgery. A misplaced rib was no longer squishing my lung.

The stomach aches took longer. My digestive system was so messed up after years of side-effects of painkillers, antibiotics and medications that took care of the side-effects of other medications (while introducing more side-effects and allergic reaction to take more medications!) that it forgot how to function. After a few stomach-twisting, gut-wrenching sessions, my intestines returned to the position they were in before my surgeries pulled and moved them. Then it took months of homeopathic medicine, herbs and probiotics to restore the natural intestinal flora. I started teaching myself to eat meat and fruit sort of like you teach an infant. Orange juice and croissants took a long time. Coffee took forever, but eventually I learned to digest it again. I still can't have any vinegar, but I can now have wine with dinner.

Acupuncture took months. Needles bent and broke against my muscles that gathered into a spasm shield the moment I saw a needle. If I didn't look, they gathered into a spasm even faster. But after every session something changed. A bone moved, a muscle freed up, a nerve forgot to hurt. I took less painkillers. I reduced doses. I slept through the night without biting pillows. Ever now and then I still soaked in the near-boiling showers in the middle of the night, but only once a night and only for twenty minutes instead of an hour.

I still do, occasionally, but it takes the whole lot more to get to the point when I need the hot shower to stop the pain. I can now run. I can bike. I dance. I exercise. I can pick up and move a chair and not hurt. I can eat almost anything and not get sick. And I can feel the chi permeating the air, radiating from trees, stars and the walls of the ancient temples.

Lina, Queens, NY

Weight problems

*"My name is Ludmila Kolotsey.I came because of owerveight after diagnosis Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva started to treat me. I started to loose weight from the1 week of treatment. And I started to feel as I am 25 years old. am so happy. I fill with joy and changes in my mind are incredible. I lost a lot from my stomach and back."

"My name is Sophia Leufman. I started to have progress not only with problem I come for (weightloss) but with the other problems surprisingly I never thougt will be helped".

Kidney problem, Weight

*"My name is Dr. Jerry W. Shiveley. In 1992 I had a kidney removed because of kidney cancer and my last kidney was not functioning properly because of kidney stones. I was overweight with a lot of water in my legs and huge stomach. I live in the Philadelphia area and my condition was serious enough for me to drive 2.5 hours one way to Brooklyn for treatments. But I did it! Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva improved the condition of my remaining kidney and assisted me to loose over 60 pounds. I now feel great!!! My waist has gone from 42"+ to 37" now. My suit size has gone from 50 executive to 44. My urologist and kidney doctors were surprised with my blood and urine analyses and the function of my remaining kidney is improving. Now, my wife and I drive regularly from the Philadelphia area for treatments and it is well worth the drive. Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva has been absolutely a godsend for both my wife and me."


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*"I did not see my wife so happy for 10 years. After Veronica went through treatments and Reiki 1 level she started to feel more energy happiness and well-being."


Asthma, Allergy

*My name is Valentin. I am 75 years old. In1977 I got my asthma and emphysema of the lungs. All this years I did not breath properly. At1997 I went trough By pass surgery. I started to learn self healing techniques and my doctor is telling that my vessels now are so good that may be it was wrong decision. I am breathing much better. I am using selfhealing technics on myself and my grandkids. I did treat my grandson allergic reaction.

Valentin K.NJ

The learning experience Rei Ki, Magic Points

*"First experience after Rei Ki class was incredible. I went to the restaurant where one of my relatives started to have knee pain. I did Rei Ki and pain completely stopped. Other relative did have prostate problem with pain and difficulty to urinate I helped him also.
I was flying when I started to have heart pain and breathing problems. I use Magic points - "stop heart pain" it help a lot!"

Natasha S., Brooklyn

*"The class has gone beyond my expectations. I have studied many healing techniques and I am excited to say that Rei Ki is one of the most unique and effective techniques that I have had the chance to experience. It was simple to learn and definitely set itself apart from other healing techniques. It is producing miraculous results!!! I really learned a lot during the course; it was a truly an eye opening experience. I can assist myself in recovering from significant physical and emotional trauma. One SPECIFIC amazing thing I learned was that I do have enough power to change my life. I got a lot more out of the course than I anticipated. I am using the skills with all my family and friends. Now I can stop ringing in the ears, heart pain by using bio-energy and by pressing Magic points. I am also using my knowledge on my grand kids helping with allergy and cold"

Rosa K., Brooklyn, NY

Course Magic points:
Depression, panic attacks

*"I came to the first class because I like to learn new things and I like people in this center-they are so friendly and lowing. It remaining me experience in Brazil when people meditating and they starting to be close to each other. I name it positive loving energy. Accidentally right after the class I got terrible stress. I started to go through panic attack: palpitation, fear, heart pain. I started to press on points: "stop depression", "stop fear" - surprisingly it help!!!"

Olga V.,Brooklyn,NY

Depression , insomnia, constipation, high or low blood pressure, uncontrollable hunger ,varicose veins and swollen ankles.

Chakra therapy classes. Magic points classes. Sitting yoga.

*I came to AMITA Healing Center about 2 years ago. At the time, I was not in a good shape  emotionally; I lost my job and was pretty depressed. My life changed drastically; I do not get upset about every little thing like I did before, my moods are more stable, I am a happier person and my family appreciates it.
I try very hard not to miss Monday's classes. They give me so much knowledge about my body and how it works and how I can help my body function properly by stimulating body's energy centers (chakras) or pressure points on my hands and feet. We learn about all 7 chakras and which organs might be effected if particular chakra is not working properly. By using the knowledge from the class I can change such conditions as insomnia, constipation, high or low blood pressure, uncontrollable hunger... I know what to do in case of emergency or just unpleasant situations. We learn how to protect ourselves from people that make us uncomfortable; how to modify our perception of ourselves and others; how to invite positive outcomes...
Sitting yoga is a pretty simple set of exercises that are unbelievably effective. After I took about 5 classes, I started noticing some changes in the way I felt. My body seemed stronger, more agile; I did not feel comfortable to slouch like I did before. I started getting complements on the way I was sitting, walking... I use some of the exercises when I can not fall a sleep. I use other exercises when I want to stretch my back or my shoulders. We have exercises that will tighten the second chin and some that will diminish the appearance of varicose veins and swollen ankles. Some exercises I even do in bed before I get up.

Maya Kovalyov, NJ

Depression, Rei Ki class.

*"First I come to Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva because of depression. She did energy screening and started to treat me. She asked me to participate in Rei Ki class. I refused. I was in emotional crisis and for me was difficult to be with myself and to be with anybody extremely  fearful. It is a wonderful life enhancing class. I enjoyed every minute. I was really amazed at the change after I've leaned that I can become free of old patterns, I feel more in control of my health and destiny. These are remarkable tools for anyone to use on themselves and others. I can ask my body-consciousness to release whatever part of that history I choose to release. The emotional charge is dissipated. I feel like a whole new world of understanding has been presented to me. I am finding some surprising improvements in my health. I am filled with gratitude. I believe this is the beginning of a very important journey in my life. I AM WORKING A LOT WITH MY VISION AND IT IMPROOWING. Now I am trying to come every Monday to learn more from different workshops."

Natasha L., Brooklyn, NY

*"One specific excellent result is that I understand: If you have a negative belief that you would like to change, it can be achieved. Reiki has allowed me to connect with my own intuition in a powerful way to heal both emotionally and physically. I will definitely use these tools."

K. S., Queens, NY

*"Her style is sociable and focused. I love her! It was a joy to learn. I know that holistic healing is important for those who are in need of physical healing and self-improvement. Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva has a very deep knowledge of material and her love of teaching  comes through loud and clear. She is very supportive. I will treasure this knowledge and use it every day. Rei ki has allowed me to connect with my own intuition in a powerful way to heal both emotionally and physically."

Julia, Brooklyn, NY

*"Every time when I am coming to classes I am learning material I cannot find anywhere. She is shearing her knowledge in Alternative medicine which is coming from different Countries and her personal style of integration of different methods. I started with Rei Ki and coming to class very time. I am living far from the center and working a lot. I am enjoying every minute of classes and all this 4 hours on the road I can practice using this knowledge."

Vera B.,Queens,NY

Back pain

*"Her enthusiasm, personal commitment was terrific. Her style brings energy to the whole class. It is almost impossible to avoid learning when Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva is in front of the class. More than anything else Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva exhibits a deep love for the material-she exhibits her deep belief in the effectiveness of the techniques she is presenting. She helped me with my health. Before, nobody could help me with any other techniques with my back pain. She did! Sitting Yoga is real help and it does work! I have to tell you how much our classes has impacted my life. I walk around in total joy, feeling loved and loving others."

Nelly, Brooklyn, NY

Spine chronic traumatic pain

*From the first time I went to Sitting Yoga  class my back pain gone. It is magic!



*Each patient will respond differently to each type of treatment. We firmly believe that it is important for patients to understand which treatment methods are best for them before starting any treatment.