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Homeopathy in New York has been prevalent throughout the Western world for more than two centuries. There is a number of clinical research trial that confirm homeopathic clinical effectiveness. Scientific evolution of homeopathy has matured in recent years and proved its effective approaches to heal people where traditional medicine has major side effects. Homeopathy does not use any synthetic substances, but relies on the healing properties inherent in plants, minerals, and even animal substances. These are used in their whole, natural state, not as isolated chemicals.

People have extremely wide variations from one another in their metabolism, biochemistry, reactions and disease symptoms. In all these ways, homeopathy uses a remedy that exactly fits your needs, rather than routinely using the same medicine in all cases of a particular illness. AmitaUSA designs a specific individually designed therapy treatment. Dr Tatyana Yakovleva is a homeopathic professional who get to know her patients before creating a course of treatment. AmitaUSA is one of the best holistic centers in Brooklyn, New York that has been working with patients with various illnesses for more than 10 years. Homeopathy works in concert with regular medical care, or with the full range of alternative and complementary medicine, including nutrition.

Homeopathy New York Amita Holistic Clinic

Homeopathic medicines are remarkably inexpensive compared to regular drugs, or even the vitamins, making homeopathy the medicine of choice in many countries. Homeopathy is appropriate for a range of conditions that go far beyond what we normally expect from medicine. And because homeopathy recognizes the person as an integrated whole, it works on many levels, both physically and psychologically. Homeopathy in New York is a new trend as herbs have no side effects and do not harm patients’ health like regular drugs do. Call Us today by 718-375-1144  and use code BROOKLYN to get an immediate 10% discount for the first treatment.