A Deeper Look into What Energy Healing Really Is 

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Growing up in Western Society isn’t easy… with the hustle and bustle of every day life such as making the train on time, taking the kids to school, managing the bills, going grocery shopping, racing to make a deadline, it’s easy to forget to just STOP… take a look around you, breath, and appreciate the trees, the sky, the very air we breath. We are constantly surrounded by an immense energy force that we ourselves release into the world, but do we ever stop to understand what this means? Growing up, we remember needing to finish homework assignments, brushing our teeth before bedtime, going to scheduled extracurricular activities, but has anyone ever taught us how to face anger, how to meditate, how to give ourselves to the world- probably not, because, well, it’s strange, different. Whenever something is different, it’s difficult to understand, to accept. We only tend to accept the unordinary when situations become dire, such as a health ailment. And when traditional Western Medicine or Western thoughts can’t solve our problems, only then do we start to begin our acceptance of the unusual, which is actually the most usual-crucial forces around us, pure energy. At AmitaUSA, we understand this life force and want to share centuries-long energy healing techniques with you.

Energy is the fundamental rational behind Reiki. Energy is in the air, in the steps we take, the force holding our solar system together and the force that fixes our body on a cellular level when we are bleeding or hurting. Energy healing is based on this fundamental principle that is purely the key to life. And just as we are able to physically pass the salt to the person next to us, we are also able to pass energy to the person next to us. This passage of energy facilitates healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. To understand this, we must look beyond Western thoughts and open our minds to this incredible life force. At Amita we can introduce you to these energy forces through Reiki, Tui Na Massage, and Bio energy therapy.

Every had a Chest X-ray, MRI or CT scan done? The idea behind each of these scans is to pass an energy force through your body to detect fractures, ligament tears, heart attacks, internal bleeds, etc. But humans can do this too. We were born with the innate ability to scan humans, to detect anomalies, blockages, bleeds, and to heal. But because we were not raised to practice such principles, we don’t know how to use this ability. At AmitaUSA, we preserved this ability and use it to scan patients, detect problems and relieve them. If you look up the true translation of the Japanese Reiki energy, it translates to “ghost” and “Vapor.” On a spiritual level it can mean “Higher Intelligence.” What it really means is that we can transfer our energy to you. Once this energy is transferred to you, it can go anywhere the body sees fit- maybe a fracture, an irritated stomach, blocked sinuses, arthritic joints, or even a broken heart. These energy forces send a vibration power on a cellular level, cleansing the body and rejuvenating the mind.

Anyone can learn these energy-healing techniques, but it is usually passed on from a Master, or someone who is trained in the Reiki philosophy. This energy is given from the energy healer to you, the patient or pupil. Once you become open to this energy source, you will find truly amazing transformations. You will feel relaxed, open, more alive, at ease and connected to the world, and simply happier. The core principle is to be giving, to extend our energy to others.



While Reiki can be hands on or off type of energy healing, Tui Na massage is more hands on. While it encompasses the fundamentals of energy transfer, AmitaUSA practitioners will also use hands on therapy along with energy transfer by removing the tense, restricted muscles and ligaments in your body. For example, you may have a torn rotator cuff injury, the Tui Na Massage will transfer energy to the torn ligament and release the spasm in the surrounding muscles including supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor surrounding the tear with simple hands-on techniques. We release the spasms and the obstructed blood flow, giving the body an extra boost of healing power.

STOP… what are you waiting for? Come to Amita Holistic Healing Centers, let us provide you with the energy healing techniques you’ve been missing out on and you’ll be able to find life is full of energy and there’s no time for the hustle and bussle keeping up from achieving our highest potential.

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