Electromagnetic Therapy

What is electromagnetic stimulation?

Thousands of years ago, different ancient cultures began to realize and partake in the healing power of magnets. In more recent times, the first scientific studies appeared (1835- Simonov, 1838- Gauss) documenting the link between using magnetic fields and controlling disease states. Soon, more research appeared showing connection between bone growth and time-varying electromagnetic fields. Positive documentation has recently been shown using pulsating electromagnetic fields on non-healing bone fractures. Now, magnetic field therapy is being considered more and more as a complement to other forms of therapy, accelerating the healing process in many ways.

What is the ideal range of stimulation?

Research on brain tissue (Adey and Bawin, 1975) showed that brain cells respond positively to electromagnetic fields within a certain frequency range (3-25 Hz). This is now called the “biological window” of ideal frequency range. Based on this finding, it appears that we respond to these waves rather than other frequencies outside this range, which have no effect or may even disrupt the normal biological field. Even the Earth itself has a magnetic field from which all life has evolved and been sustained that operates within this range. Unfortunately, typical household electricity use at 50-60 Hz and cell phone use at 800-1900 MHz is way outside of this range.

What can one expect from electromagnetic stimulation?

By stimulating the brain and body through the use of controlled magnetic fields, all cells of the body can balance in harmonic resonance, enabling them to produce more energy and enhance their own self-healing ability. More specifically, mechanisms of action of MRS (magnetic resonance stimulation) include more efficient blood circulation, enhanced oxygen transport, accelerated regeneration of sick tissues, improved regeneration of wounds and tissue damage, cellular detoxification, and relaxation of muscle, just to name a few! MRS can be used for pain reduction, rehabilitation after accidents or serious illness, improved circulation and oxygen utilization, improved immune system function, and even to improve psychological wellbeing for stress, anxiety, and depression. It can even be used as a complement to conventional medicine for structural imbalance, such as scoliosis, disc herniation, or spinal degeneration. These constitute a broad spectrum of benefits in multiple organ systems that interact together to create a complete natural system of wellness, without any of the adverse effects associated with traditional therapies and pharmaceuticals.

How does Amita Holistic Healing Center provide electromagnetic stimulation?

Amita Holistic Healing Center makes use of the MRS 2000+, an innovative top line model that sends controlled pulsating electromagnetic fields through each of the body’s cells, affecting the ion exchange of our current-conducting cell membranes, and invigorating the cells with renewed energy and revitalized metabolism. It provides the best of electromagnetic therapy with the most attention to individualized control and treatment, offering personal controls for individual biorhythms and different intensities for each kind of therapeutic action.

Why should I choose electromagnetic stimulation?

Electromagnetic stimulation is a natural, multi-organ system affecting therapy that has relatively few contraindications along with a huge upside of potential for increased total body wellbeing. As a business person, you would ideally like your brain to function at its best, even though your day is relatively inactive. You would like to de-stress, but your movement is restricted. Magnetic Resonance Stimulation can help you with that. As an athlete, perhaps you would like faster recovery and support therapy for rehabilitation issues. MRS can help with that. As someone who is interested in overall wellbeing, you may want to improve your circulation, optimize your metabolism, and aid relaxation. MRS can help with that. In short, there are a HUGE variety of issues that MRS can help optimize, making it a great complementary part of your overall holistic medical treatment.

Be sure to ask Dr. Yakovleva more about how electromagnetic stimulation can be used as a part of your individualized healing program at Amita Holistic Healing Center. Call today to book an appointment at 718-375-1144!