Amita Kundalini Reiki

Certificates available

No need to look through the windows for the essential meaning. One can learn it everywhere and from everyone, should they have the desire and the skill. 


Amita Kundalini Rei-ki is your guide on the path of spiritual growth and self-actualization. Leave anger, sickness, loneliness, and confusion behind and let us lead you to harmony, clarity, and discovery of your true potential.

The body is an active structure of uniquely functional cells, collaborating in cohesion to produce, develop, and sustain the life of a sentient human being.

Learn to see yourself as a collection of numerous threads of consciousness. Quit saying that your arm is hurting, or your back is hurting, say "we are hurting". Each human being has the power to control their biological functions. The knowledge of self-regeneration is contained in every cell of your body. It is waiting for you to awaken it and demand rejuvenation.

If you aim to extend the time and optimize the quality of your physical life, you have to learn to feel and use the power of your body. Can you imagine the muscles of your arm or your back as enlightened as your brain? Tap into that knowledge and unite the awareness of your body with the awareness of your mind in one harmonious power.

To resist the pressures of the modern world, we try to create inside ourselves the oasis of tranquility, joy, permanence, and strength. Those are the resources that allow us to grow, move forward, gain power, set what seems like unreachable goals - and reach them.


What is Rei-Ki?

It is the Path of Love that leads us to spiritual development and healing

What is Kundalini?

  • It is the psychobiological energy, a powerful force that activates the chakras (energy centers of the body)
  • It is the energy that animates your body, revitalizes your mind, and alerts your consciousness to ultimate awareness

What is Amita Kindalini Rei Ki?

It is the Path of Love

The fundamentals of this technique are found in the most ancient practices aimed at achieving a truly joyful and fulfilled life. Amita Kundalini Reiki is the path toward conscious harmony within and expanded awareness of the world of love around us. It is the most fundamental system of healing oneself and others.

Level 1 (beginner): 2 classes, Mondays 6:30 – 8:00 PM, and 4-hour practice including Initiation on Saturday or Sunday from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Please note that due to popularity of this course spaces are limited.
Please sign up by calling: 718-375-1144