Menopause Specialist in NY

Menopause care and treatment in NY is very personal for every woman because every woman experiences menopause in a different way. There may be very different kinds of symptoms when a woman experiences menopause, which vary from no symptoms whatsoever to severe bleeding, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and hot flashes. Dr. Tatyana designs an individual treatment for every menopause patient to help tackle the symptoms and plan a personal treatment plan based on homeopathy and natural remedies.


Common symptoms of menopause may include skin flushing, night sweats, speeling disorder, bone loss, urine leakage, mood swings, joint pains and so on. Based on these symptoms, it is very difficult to identify and diagnose menopause and moreover, it is more difficult to design a correct personalized treatment in order to tackle all of the symptoms of menopause. Many women tend to use natural and holistic medicine more often not because it has to toxins and chemicals that may cause other health problems, but because doctors usually do not see any other alternative to the pills.

Dr. Tatyana is a healer and a homeopathic doctor, whose approach does not include taking medications to numb the symptom. However, Dr. Tatyana focuses the individual treatment to help her patients with the most holistic and natural medical approaches that usually include herb therapy, acupuncture, acupressure and other types of treatment that would never harm your body.

If you experience menopause today and feel like the quality of your life worsens based on how you feel and none of the medications actually work, give us a call at 718-375-1144 to get a free consultation from dr. Tatyana and receive your personalized natural and holistic treatment today.