Types of Massage and their Benefits

Tibetian massage in New York

Tibetan Medicine is an ancient tradition of century-proven practices. Tibetan Massage in New York is one of the very practical and effective methods used to restore vitality and achieve energy balance. It is an especially effective healing method for lung and spine issues as well as psychological disorders. This massage technique relieves physical and psychological tension whether it is caused by hormonal disturbances or by daily stress.

Hot Stone Massage in New York

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Acupressure Massage in New York

Acupressure massage is an ancient Chinese technique, very effective and safe, based on the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine. It applies specific finger pressure techniques in combination with Deep tissue massage in order to stimulate the acupuncture points and meridians. Hands, forearms and elbows can be used as well. Acupressure massage is given in a similar fashion to traditional massage. The treatment is usually performed on a massage table. Acupressure massage can be used for common health problems, including general stress and tension (similar to Acupuncture), but is mainly used for muscular-skeletal problems like: pain in neck and upper back, lower back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, groin, hamstring, knee, calf

Cupping/Bodysculpting in New York

Cupping/body sculpting is an exciting modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. Cupping is a subtle, yet powerful addition to any healthcare practice and complements many other healing practices. This technique is also easily used for treating many common conditions. Cupping creates suction and negative pressure, and is therefore ideal for performing deep-tissue massage. It is used to drain toxins, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles, and stimulate the peripheral nervous system.

Cupping is often sedating, and clients will often experience a profound state of relaxation during treatment. Cupping is very beneficial for many conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, and chronic headache. It also alleviates back pain and general stiffness in the body.

Large cups are used on the back, and a strong vacuum mimics the rolling action of deep tissue massage without the discomfort. The movement may be long and draining or circular and stimulating for stubborn knots and rigid areas. The skin turns red with strong cupping, indicating that circulation has been brought to the surface. Liniments, analgesics, and essential oils that are applied after a cupping massage are more easily absorbed. The increased local blood supply to the muscles and skin brings nourishment and allows for toxins to be carried away via the veins. Contracted, congested muscle tissue will soften quickly with only a few minutes of massage cupping/body-sculpting therapy. Clients often say that it is a very pleasant experience.

Cellulite Removal in New York

Another application of the cupping technique is in the treatment of cellulite. While there are many cellulite creams and types of equipment that are designed to remove cellulite, cupping performs many of the same functions manually. A very light suction provides drainage, while heavier application can be used to stimulate circulation and loosen adhesions or "dimpling."