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Tired? Feel lethargic or depressed? Or perhaps your sex drive has vanished? Yes, all of that can happen as men get older. Often it’s due to low testosterone—a male hormone produced in the testes.

Testosterone plays an important role in sperm production and in a male’s sex drive and other male’s problems. But it also affects bone and muscle health. Age-related decrease in testosterone levels can lead to mood swings, increased weight, and muscle and libido loss.

Low testosterone levels can be improved with testosterone supplements. But supplements alone can’t make miracles. You can help your testosterone levels raise naturally as well. While some men tend to think that the way to recover their stamina and muscles is by taking testosterone boosters, a few lifestyle changes can do wonders as well.

1. Exercise
Exercise despite the feeling of being tired. This will naturally increase your testosterone levels. Lifting weights is particularly helpful, according to recent research. That doesn’t mean that you have to push yourself to the limits—in fact, over-exercising can be draining on an aging body, and can diminish testosterone levels.

2. Drop those extra pounds
Everyone knows that extra weight isn’t goof for your health, but not everyone knows that it’s also not good for your testosterone. Putting on pounds reduces testosterone levels. Change your diet to eliminate fatty and processed foods as well as refined carbs and sugar. Stick to healthy fats such as eggs and avocadoes and focus in healthy proteins such as white meats and fish. In a recent study, men who stuck to their weight loss program had an increase in their testosterone levels.

3. Become a veg-head
Vegetables are good for many reasons, but a few men know that they are also testosterone-boosters. Add more broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower to your dinners—these veggies are high in a compound called indole-3-carbinol, which lessens estrogen—and that leads to a natural increase in testosterone. Eat your vegetables and you won’t be sorry—they are excellent when it comes to increasing testosterone levels.

4. Vitamins are vital.
Even a perfect diet can’t do everything as we get older. Some of the essential nutrients we have to harness from vitamins and minerals. For example, zinc and vitamin D have been shown to to improve testosterone levels. Zinc can be found in foods rich in protein—like meat and fish and in certain vegetables—like spinach and other leafy greens. As to vitamin D, your body makes it when you spend time outdoors in the sun, but depending on how much time you spend outside you may not be getting enough of you Ds—so you may need to take some as supplements.

5. Relax! Take it easy
Stress can make a lot of things in your body go wrong—including testosterone production. When you get stressed, your body releases special stress-related hormone, such as cortisol—which impedes testosterone production. It’s important to give your body some time to relax and recover from stressors—whether it’s taking breaks during the day or allocating some time to relax and rejuvenate on evenings or weekends.

6. Sleep late
In today’s fast-moving world, sleep is often an afterthought. We stay late and get up early to make sure we fit everything we need into our busy days. But lack of sleep can ravage your testosterone—because it is produced while you sleep. Men produce testosterone at night to get it “ready” for the next day. By morning testosterone levels go up. When you’re not getting enough sleep, your body can’t produce enough and the next morning you wake up depleted. If you have a chronic lack of sleep, your testosterone levels plummet. So roll over and sleep in.

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