Allergy treatment emergency action plan, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment of seasonal & natural allergy treatment

Posted by Amit Usa on April 14th, 2015 at 7:03 am | No Comments

Every spring many people are coming to Amita Holistic Healing Center complaining on stuffed noses, burning eyes, and scratchy throats caused by allergies. We treat them effectively by combination of Homeopathic remedies, micro-current and acupuncture. In addition we recommend additional steps for self-help: 1. Irrigate your nose and sinuses with warm water This is such simple but effective way to alleviate allergy symptoms. Pollen, dust, and mold settle in our sinuses, by simply washing them out regularly, the allergens won’t be sitting there making our immune system work overtime. If you are prone to allergies, irrigate morning and evening during allergy season. 2. Humidify When our nasal passages and mucous membranes get dried out, we are more susceptible to allergies because the membranes can’t self-clean very well. Using a humidifier and a HEPA air filter, especially where sleep, is a good idea. 3. Try local, raw honey Find raw, locally-harvested honey. If you have a choice, choose the honey that comes from hives closest to where you live. Honeybees in search of nectar visit many different plants and flowers before returning to the hive, so your local honey contains trace amounts of pollen unique to your area. Many allergy suffers have found relief by taking one daily teaspoon of local, raw honey. Caution: if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic or you have any blood sugar regulation difficulties, you may want to avoid this option since honey id very high in sugars. Or try local bee pollen instead. 4. Use supporting herbs and minerals Many different herbs and nutrients can help to reduce allergy symptoms. Rather than try to find appropriate herbs and minerals by yourself, consult Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva at our center. She would be able to select best remedies which would work for you.

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