Treatment of Asthma by Holistic Medicine

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Asthma is a respiratory condition in which a person feels difficulty breathing. This condition is usually associated with hypersensitivity or some kind of allergic reaction. Whatever be the cause, this is the most frustrating disease which is often difficult to cure. If you are also fed up of using asthma inhalers and consuming strong allopathic medicines, you will be happy to know that some holistic treatments for asthma are available too that aim to reinforce the body’s ability to protect itself from the triggering factors of Asthma and strengthen lungs, immune and hormonal system.
Although the efficacy of these treatments is still under scrutiny and there is very little research on its effectiveness, many people have benefitted from the holistic treatments. Following are a few such alternative treatments for asthma that you can follow to treat your condition. However, it’s always advised to consult your doctor first. He may suggest you which treatment is right for you and which doesn’t.
1) Herbs and Supplements: There are several over-the-counter herbs and dietary supplements available in the medical shops that can be used as holistic treatments for asthma. However, research is still going on to confirm the effectiveness of these supplements and identify their possible side-effects. Therefore, before trying any of these OTC supplements or herbs, always consult a doctor. Following are a few herbs and supplements that are known to be helpful in treating asthma:
? Ginkgo extract is known to reduce inflammation.
? Lobelia (Indian tobacco) has been used by Native Americans to treat respiratory disorders, including asthma.
? Mullein, dried ivy, boswellia (Indian frankincense), and butterbur are some other herbs that are known to be effective in treating asthma.
? Vitamin C and omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and asthma symptoms.
? Coffee and tea can also be useful in the treatment of asthma.
2) Mind Body Approaches: Some studies have shown that the asthma symptoms and attacks can be triggered by emotional stress. Some asthma patients find muscular relaxation therapy an effective way to improve lung function. Biofeedback makes use of the monitors to determine physiological changes in patients. It helps them regain control on their bodies by understanding how they physically respond to different stimuli.
3) Yoga and Breathing Techniques: Yoga’s controlled breathing postures called pranayama can be extremely helpful in treating most of the respiratory diseases including asthma. These yogic postures involve deep breathing exercises that help asthma sufferers by teaching them how to promote deep breathing, how to expand the lungs, and how to reduce stress. Buteyko and the Papworth method are the other breathing techniques that can also be quite effective in reducing the symptoms of Asthma.
4) Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese holistic treatment for asthma that involves inserting very thin needles into strategic points of the body. This alternative treatment is used to ease the symptoms of asthma. However again, there is very little scientific evidence to prove its efficacy.
The Bottom Line
These were some of the holistic treatments for asthma that are known to be quite effective in treating its symptoms. Talk to your doctor regarding these and see which one works best for you.

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