Energy Healing: A Magical Way to Bid Adieu to Ailments

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Energy Healing Therapy is a process going on for various centuries. It heals by enhancing energy flow and rectifying the disturbances in human energy fields. This in turn enhances the self healing capacity of the body. It is a process where all kinds of ailments like, nausea, anxiety, swelling, pain and many more, are treated without any medication.

A popular Scottish poet, Charles Mackay says that if a pill made of bread is taken with complete faith it can heal a complex disease. The same is in the case of energy healing and that is why it is also called faith healing or spiritual healing. If it is not fraudulent, Faith Healing involves a healer and patient and both of them believe in the healing power of spirits and other magical healing systems. In such healing processes the healer does not even need to touch the patient or the patient does not need to be present in front of the healer. Many people offered many theories to explain this process, but the most common is the Chi or Prana, auras and chakras. The modern science has given a new outlook to energy healing and brought a revolution in it. People are getting more aware of the power of chakra healing because its effects are magnificent and long lasting.

All of us are aware of our physical anatomy, but some of us might not know about the energy anatomy. The human energy field engulfs our physical body. Our physical body is the most opaque reflection of the energy that covers us. According to some experts, this energy field engulfs us in layers and some describes it as a Chakra.

Best Energy Healing Methods

There are many methods of spiritual healing. Here are some of the most popular and best energy healing techniques:

Reiki Energy Healing

The healer places his palm lightly on various parts of the body to redistribute the energy. 3-4 sessions of Reiki are enough to make you feel physically and emotionally uplifted. The Reiki Energy Healing method gives space to new memories and positive energy by moving the places of old ones.


It is a method in which the healer stimulates pressure points of the feet, hands, face and ear to influence different parts of the body, different organs and glands. The pressure points are connected to different body parts. It cannot be called a massage as in reflexology only the fingers and thumbs are used to create pressure on reflex pressure points.


This is another one of the most popular energy healing techniques in which the healer taps gently on the various acupressure points on the body to send signal to brain to calm down. It is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique.

Reconnective Healing

In this method, the healer moves his hands above the patience’s body to open it up to different kinds of frequencies. During the process, the patient might feel a tingling or needle prick like sensation in the body.

Different Types of Energy Healing

Following are the different types of energy healing that are most prevalent:

Chakra Healing

Chakra healing works with the chakra system. Chakras are the essential part of our energy system and many types of energy healing are done using the chakra system. Chakra healing and balancing are helpful in getting rid of stress, anxiety and for the betterment of your physical health.


It is an ancient, but a very sophisticated system based on a non western model of the human body. In this technique the healer works on balancing chi as it flows through the body’s meridian system.

Shamanic Healing

The healer calls spiritual forces like power animals from the spiritual realm for healing. Shamanic healing treats various physical as well as emotional ailments.

According to some experts, love, care and attention showed to the patient is encouraging and makes him hopeful. Thus, it triggers physical reactions which heal the ailment or pain. Energy healing therapy goes beyond the human body and manoeuvres the energy systems where the cause of the ailment might be located.

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