Health Challenges? Overcome them with MicroCurrent Therapy

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Microcurrent therapy has come a long way in improving from a mere current therapy to using research-based low level electrical currents in treating muscle pain, nerves and inflammation. Do you wonder about the immense benefits of microcurrent therapy? Let’s uncover its potential and know how it can be helpful to you.

Uses of microcurrent in your body

A human body has several tissues with signature electrical frequency that gets disrupted by diseases or injuries. At a point, when you face severe pains from injuries or profound damages from any kind of accidents, then the positive effects of microcurrent therapy come as a lifesaver.

The techniques for microcurrent are several, but the application depends upon the seriousness of the issue. At a point, when muscles get inflamed or swollen, the method helps in accelerating protein synthesis required for tissue repair.

Indications Of Microcurrent Therapy

  • Arthritis

  • Head and neck pain

  • Biomedical pain

  • Upper extremity pain

  • Lower extremity pain, etc

Microcurrent techniques & treatments

Microamperage current is applied to various parts of your body by using electrodes or vinyl graphite gloves. The duration of the therapy depends upon the seriousness of medical issue that you are facing and the average treatment duration is 15 to 90 minutes.

As practiced all over the world, medical science relies a lot on microcurrent therapy effects & uses, but you must be aware about its side effects too, which include fatigue, nausea, temporary flu-like feeling and drowsiness. These microcurrent therapy side effects can grow intense depending upon the immune system of your body, and therefore, you should be well aware about its risks.

Is Microcurrent therapy safe? How?

Absolutely, since with more and more people are enjoying its fruits nowadays, it can be considered safe. It is FDA approved and has no major side-effects.

There are different types of microcurrent therapy machines, but only doctors know which ones to buy. No matter, given the diverse kind of microcurrent therapy machines available, all of them are meant to deliver very small impulses that copy your body’s own.

So, if you are really interested in learning about the therapy and its uses, let’s have a look:

Microcurrent for bunions – This offer non-surgical and non-invasive ways of treating bunions and is safe.

Microcurrent therapy for face-lifts – it is a medical application to stretch the skin on your face to iron out wrinkles, patches or dark circles.

Microcurrent body contouring Does micro-current body sculpting work? Yes, it does and with the safest methods.

Microcurrent for pain cure – Yet again, this is safe and has no side effects at all.

The Verdict

At the end, we can’t deny the fact that this kind of treatments are becoming more popular than medicinal treatments because they endow quick results. If you feel that the therapy is not working absolutely for you, then go for frequency specific microcurrent therapy. It is an ideal treatment for almost everyone.

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