How Does Acupuncture Work For Weight Loss?

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Obesity is an epidemic that has affected as many as a quarter of all Americans. In order to cope with this excessive weight gain, many people spend thousands of dollars every year on expensive fitness products and membership of fitness studios. Unfortunately, the majority of them fail in their attempt. Both their efforts and money go into the garbage bin without producing any significant results. Luckily, there is still a hope. Acupuncture for belly fat loss is becoming quite popular these days.

How does Acupuncture work for weight loss? Understanding the Mechanism

According to the doctors of the Chinese medicine, imbalances that occur in the body, mostly in spleen and liver area are the primary causes of weight gain. As we know, these organs play an effective role in the process of digestion and converting the food into energy, any imbalance in these organs can lead to serious consequences and one such consequence is obesity. Slow metabolism rate and fatigue might be the main signs of this imbalance. Liver imbalance results in the increase of the compulsive eating habits and the craving problems.

Acupuncture for belly fat loss works by improving the body metabolism. It boosts the burning of calories, improves digestion and increases energy when followed with appropriate diet and regular exercises. The needles inserted during this therapy produce a relaxing and calming effect. This is due to the production of Endorphin (a hormone that controls the emotions). This also has a positive effect on weight loss. This is the reason why acupuncture for depression and acupuncture for anxiety are also becoming too much popular among people these days when life is becoming too much stressful.

A study done by the researchers at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea has shown that ear acupuncture helped overweight people lose weight within just eight weeks. This is definitely a remarkable discovery, given it takes several months or even years for people to lose just a few pounds of weight through exercising alone. While doctors of Chinese medicine suggest that exercising is also necessary, but when it is followed with ear acupuncture for weight loss, it yields satisfactory results quickly.

Ear Acupuncture Points For Weight Loss: The Hunger Point Treatment

Ear acupuncture is based on the theoretical assumption that the outer ear represents every part of the body and performing this traditional Chinese therapy at five certain points on the ear is an effective method for promoting weight loss. By targeting the auricular points for weight loss that are linked to bodily systems such as the digestive and endocrine systems physiologically, the therapists can combat obesity and other ailments such as drug addiction. While only one needle needs to be inserted into the area associated with hunger and appetite, the other four needles are inserted at different key points in the ear to improve metabolic function. The increased metabolism promotes the digestion of body fat, which ultimately results in weight loss.

Although the exact mechanisms behind this ear acupuncture for weight loss therapy remain unknown, the study shows that it does hold a promising future in the health industry.

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