Heart Disease is Preventable? Cardiovascular Health, Cardiotonic Nutrients – Prevent Heart Attacks

Posted by Amit Usa on May 14th, 2015 at 9:52 am | No Comments

A Swedish population study recently reported that for of five heart attacks are preventable! And another story from Hearth wire shows that five behaviors in men cause 86% of all hearth attacks. These behaviors are smoking, drinking to excess, a poor diet of eating too much of the wrong foods, having a big stomach (from eating too much of the wrong foods), and being physically inactive. When you add in the nutritional deficiencies of the cardiotonic nutrients (from eating too much nutrient-deficient food), you have pretty much determined the underlying cause of most of all heart disease and heart attacks. The simple true is: life style is what it is all about. Eating healthfully and resultant loss of body fat, being active, not smoking, and not diabetes, blood pressure, and stretched and enlarged heart, and more. In a simpler world, the real answer to preventing heart attacks might be lover your stress by abandoning your pressure-cooker way of life, more contact with nature, loving relationships, trust and security. It would be practice of Deep Breathing to nurture your parasympathetic nervous system. It would be eating real food as in healthy Mediterranean diet. It would be excessing moderately. At Amita Holistic Healing Center we are teaching patients of importance of proper diet and breathing and stretching exercises. We are treating heart related problems by combining acupuncture therapy, micro-current treatment and homeopathy therapy.

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