Healing Pressure Point Treatment – Different Body Pressure Points Pain Massage Therapy

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For thousand years simple but very powerful pressure point techniques have been part of the natural systems of Orient. These methods are very easy to use can be used. Techniques described below help quickly and safely relieve pain and alleviate many health problems. As a result, person gets stronger and less likely to get sick. Point Therapy rebuilds the body after illness or after surgery.

Below are the principles of the healing:
Our body is complex living organism composed of energy

Life is an energy
Everything we do, think, eat and feel affects our well being and health.

We can influence our health through best practices available such as very popular pressure point techniques which re-direct our energy; it helps to maintain and restore balance and vitality.

At Amita Holistic Center, we use pressure point techniques to trigger the brain to release endorphin.

At Amita Holistic Healing Center we are practicing and teaching classes on pressure points. Our students are reporting to us that such knowledge is very effective in helping themselves , friends and family members.

Pressure point therapy can help in:

  • Increasing immunity
  • Eliminating unwanted habits
  • Relieving pain and healing chronic illness
  • Healing exercise-induced injuries
  • Preventing illness and promote good health
  • Healing exercise-induced injuries
  • Preventing illness and promote good health

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