Vertigo, dizziness & balance treatment

Vertigo and dizziness are one of the most alarming symptoms especially if they occur often. Treating these indicators often require severe use of medications, which often cause nausea and may even worsen the overall health state. It may be surprising but vertigo and dizziness can be a result of the medications that you are taking to help treat some other health related issues. Therefore using holistic and homeopathic approach is important while treating your wellbeing.

Dizziness Treatment

Dizziness treatment usually starts with diagnostics since there are too many potential health issues that may cause balance disorders. Dr. Tatyana Yakovleva combines holistic and homeopathic approaches to treat dizziness. One of the main causes of dizziness is a side effect of medications you might be taking, therefore, it is always important to be transparent with the treating personnel in order to design the best treatment approach for your issue.

Vertigo is another common balance issue and often gives a feeling that objects around you start moving. Our approach to vertigo treatment is based on the holistic energy treatment combined with the homeopathy and natural remedies only. Dr. Tatyana's office is located in Brooklyn, New York and she doesn't only tackle the issue of the dizziness to make you feel more healthy, but she also tries to find out the reason within your body what may have caused you to feel this way.

Dizziness holistic treatment usually includes natural remedies like ginkgo biloba, ginger tea, almonds, essential oil and acupressure. Amita holistic healing center specializes in helping people with various health issues using natural remedies only. It has been proven that regular medicine is not always effective as natural and holistic approach, therefore, finding a right treatment may change your life drastically where you no longer live in pain. Call us today at 718-375-1144 and schedule a free consultation with one of our practitioners.