Orion Bioscan

Bio-energy screening by ORION Bioscan

The design and functioning of the Orion device is based on established and well-documented research and development spanning the last half century, including the groundbreaking work of doctors and scientists such as Franz Morell, Eric Rasche, Helmut Schimmel and Reinhard Voll, as well as the studied wave characteristics of body tissues, individual cells, chromosomes, and even individual body fluids and hormones.

The most advanced information technologies have been used in the development of the ORION Bioscan device. The equipment’s functioning is based on the spectrum analysis of vortex magnetic fields of biological organisms, which play an important role in biological information transfer and the interaction of biological systems. Each organ and cell has its own specific oscillations which are stored in the computer’s memory and can be displayed as graphs. Any pathological process also has its own individual diagram, which is unique onto itself. Having run graphs of the frequency characteristics of a biological object, the ORION Bioscan can then compare them with reference processes (healthy tissues, pathologically changed tissues, infectious agents, etc.) according to the degree of spectrum conformity, and determine the closest pathological process or tendency to which its frequency configuration matches.

The ORION Bioscan offers the ability to perform medication testing, based on the fact that every remedy has its own specific vibration. If these vibrations are then matched to what the person is missing, taking particular remedies should bring relief.

The ORION Bioscan offers the unique possibility of imprinting the frequency oscillations of any medication. It makes computer-aided comparisons according to the spectrum characteristics of all medications contained in the computer’s memory, taking into account the frequency characteristics of the pathological processes in its database. In this way, it is able to select the most effective medication or supplement for a given situation.

With the ORION Bioscan one is able to perform quantum therapy, which is comprised of a specially selected combination of various modulated electromagnetic oscillations. At the present time Orion is the only machine in the world which can train cells and organs to work properly using their own personal protocol for body balancing.