Holistic Telemedicine Doctor

Telemedicine is a great opportunity for clients who don’t live near our facility to have the best access to what Amita Holistic Healing center experts have to offer. It is a great opportunity to move healing and doctor-patient relationship to a new level by being able to access a holistic doctor regardless of your physical location.

Dr. Tatyana is one of the best acupuncture and acupressure professionals in New York State. She has numerous awards and certificates and now is the best time to take her expertise to a new level by allowing patients to get consults and a course of treatment through Zoom or Skype. We are launching a cutting-edge telemedicine holistic service offering our patients to keep taking care of their health using natural and holistic methods only.

Holistic Telemedicine Doctor is available to anyone who is trying to get help with:

How to Schedule a Video Visit? 

To schedule a virtual visit with holistic telemedicine doctor from Brooklyn, NY please submit a request via our contact form

Do You Work With My Insurance?

Our telemedicine sessions are covered by most insurances as the virtual doctor visit. For more details, please contact your insurance