Urinary Incontienence

Posted by Amit Usa on February 1st, 2016 at 5:18 pm | No Comments

Commonly occurring in older women particularly after multiple births. Or people with neuropathic pathologies, muscular weakness or spastic dysfunction of the bladder. This condition is also common in children who have difficulty holding their urine, this commonly occurs in male children. Traditional medicine doesn’t offer much effective and safe treatments, understandably many reach out for alternative and holistic treatments. Alternative medical treatments begins with diagnosing the root cause of the incontinence, and where the connections is to the persons mind and body, in contrast to traditional medicine that focus only on physical problem alternative medicine finds the initial misbalance that manifests as a physical pathology. An explanation of proper diet should be discussed and followed afterwards supplements should be added to the diet. After consultation with an alternative medical doctor the proper herbal supplements will be prescribed as well as a diet plan unique to each persons needs. Acupuncture ( a practice in which thin needles are inserted into particular points of the body) and acupressure also aids in the treatment of urinary incontinence. For children acupressure is preferred over acupuncture, similarly acupuncture points can be targeted using modalities other than needles. Treatments can vary and are catered to each individuals needs and concerns.

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