Treatment Of Chronic Pain By Korean Su Jok Acupuncture

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“Su Jok” is a Korean therapy developed around 43 years back by late Korean Scientist Park Jae Woo. “Su Jok” is a combination of two Korean words ‘Su’ which means hands and ‘Jok’ which means feet. So basically Su Jok means providing treatment on hands and feet. Su Jok acupuncture is a holistic multi-dimensional healing system wherever various ailments can be treated by giving simple stimulation to the specific points in hands and feet. It is an instant and effective therapy for treatment of chronic pain and other conditions too. The best thing about this therapy is that it doesn’t involve the consumption of drugs and is completely safe to use with no side effects.

How Su Jok Therapy Helps Cure Chronic Pain?

Su Jok comprises of a variety of methods of stimulating hands and feet using the fingers, objects such as miniature magnets, massage rollers or seeds. This therapy is based on a principle that energy flows through our body continuously in a very systematic and uniformed manner. The main objective of Su Jok is to balance the imbalanced energy in the body. The advanced Su Jok therapy called Six Ki treatment uses needles to balance the energy on the emotional, physical and even the Chakra plane for the treatment of chronic pain.

Su Jok works on 2 dimensions – the physical dimension and the metaphysical dimension. What distinguishes Su Jok from other acupressure and acupuncture therapies is that while the latter requires the proper understanding of corresponding nerve points and then practice under professional guidance, in Su Jok therapy all the nerve points of the body are located specifically on the hands and feet. This means the whole treatment of chronic pain and other diseases can be done by locating the corresponding points on just one hand or foot.

Effectiveness of Su Jok in the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Immediately or just a few seconds after the Su Jok therapy, you will get some relief in muscles and realize a reduction in pain. While it’s not possible to get 100% relief from pain immediately, you will definitely observe a greater improvement in your muscle movements. After several sessions, you will gradually see a drastic improvement in your overall health.

Su Jok is a very simple and straightforward procedure that often resolves the problem in a very short period of time. This can be used for the treatment of chronic pain or discomfort in any part of the body. You will definitely be amazed by the miraculous effects it will have on your body.

Some other diseases that can be cured by Su Jok include Bronchitis, Arthritis, Cervical, Asthma, Spondylitis, Joints pain, Backache, Hypertension, Migraine, Sinusitis, Paralysis, Deafness, Constipation, Obesity, Acidity, Diabetes, Menstrual Problems, Blood-Pressure and other chronic diseases related to different organs of the body.

Since Su Jok therapy is a safe and effective treatment option with no side effects, it is quickly being adopted by several healthcare professionals. Moreover, the remote areas where comprehensive medical services are not accessible to people, Su Jok can be used as a primary health care option for the treatment of chronic pain and other diseases.

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