Low back pain

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Lower back or spinal pain is a condition experienced by more than 75 percent of adults in their lifetimes. It directly impacts job functionality and contributes to many missed work days. Many adults have reported having symptoms of low back pain in the past few months.
Low back pain can be equally found among the sexes, and can range in intensity from sharp sensations to dull constant aches. It can be due to acute changes such as an accident or lifting an object improperly or can develop in a more chronic manner from years of strain and misuse, or even due to age-related spinal changes. A non-active lifestyle can also greatly contribute to low back pain, especially so when a week without physical activity is interspersed with an active weekend workout.
Most of lower back pain is short term and resolves on its own in a few days or weeks. There is no need for treatment and no loss of function. This is mostly due to mechanical issues, implying a problem with the way that the spine, muscles, nerves, and discs work together.
Chronic back pain lasts 12 weeks or longer and can even last after the original cause of the pain was treated. There are many causes of lower back pain, such as sprains and strains (mostly accounting for the acute pain). These can result from twisting or lifting something in a harmful way, which then causes spasm of the lower back muscles.
Other causes of lower back pain are as follows:
Intervertebral disc degeneration can occur due to aging, when your rubbery discs get less flexible and give less cushioning.
Herniated discs are when the discs become compressed and herniated, or bulge, outward. This can cause painful sensations.
Radiculopathy is a condition that can result from pressure on the nerve root, resulting in pain, numbness, or a tingling sensation that spreads to other areas served by that nerve.
Sciatica can be caused by a compressed sciatic nerve, which is the nerve that travels through the buttocks and down the legs.

In addition to this, low back pain can be due to various other causes, some of which are extremely serious and should be evaluated. These include infections, tumors, aneurysms, and kidney stones.
In addition to traditional treatments for low back pain, which involve heating, bed rest, and sometimes workup including CT scan and MRIs, alternative medicine offers a range of options for helping with this problem.
Acupuncture can involve inserting thin needles at points in your back to help relieve the pain. Some people feel relief after the first session, although it may take a few weeks or rounds of treatment to successfully treat the problem.
Massage is another option that can help alleviate lower back pain. It can release tightness in your muscles, soothe your back pain, help you function better , and cut down on your medication.
Microcurrent is another option. This involves the use of small currents at a fraction of an Ampere that can deliver promising results to people who suffer from low back pain. At Amita Holistic Healing Center, we use microcurrent treatment with the majority of our patients. The currents work by stimulating your back at their natural frequencies, which helps relieve the pain and restore natural function.
Reiki and cupping also offer relief from pain. Homeopathy involves different types of supplements that can work to ease the pain that you might feel.
Overall, you can see that there are many different options in alternative medicine to help treat lower back pain, and all are available at Amita Holistic Healing Center. Be sure to ask about these options when you come for an evaluation. Call 718-375-1144 to make an appointment to speak to Dr. Yakovleva about your options. Many of our patients have this condition and find our treatments resolve these issues. Lower back pain can be painful, but does not have to be disabling in your life.

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