Holistic Medicine

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Holistic Medicine This is a branch of medicine which considers the complete person beyond the physical aspect, including spiritually psychologically socially, by healing the person as a whole may ailments and disease are healed. When each aspect of a persons being is balanced and aligned this prevents many diseases as well. There is a connection and interrelationship between the emotional spiritual, environmental psychological status of our individual existence. Holistic medicine goes beyond treating symptoms, it looks for the root cause of the problem Many modern medical pathologies are treated through holistic and alternative medicine, the following are a few examples Cardiovascular Pathologies Acupuncture is a practice where sterile needles are strategically placed on specific points on the body. By doing this it can relieve angina in patients with coronary artery disease, and lower blood pressure. Through acupuncture and acupressure the sympathetic nervous system becomes less stimulated, this mean less adrenaline is released and thus blood pressure is lowered. Acupuncture also releases natural opioids which counter acts the sympathetic nervous system and again lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate. Rekki is another modality commonly practiced in holistic medicine. This is preformed through a practitioners hands and touch. Energy is passed through the practitioner to the patient and the body will be balanced, calmer and have a healthy flow of energy. Rekki is something that will instantly calm the body and mind bringing it to a meditative state. It is very effective in lower blood pressure as well as taking away fear panic feelings of lethargy. Phototherapy and Infrared is another treatment options, through this method the quality of blood vessels improve, this is very effective for atherosclerotic vessels Many herbal medication and tonics are available to reduce and regulate cholesterol levels. These medications because they are natural with out any chemical additives are free from side effects that are tagged with all modern medications. Renal Pathologies Acupuncture the same way can also be used to treat many kidney ailments, kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) can be treated through different herbal supplements and some acute painful kidney stones can be relieved through acupuncture and acupressure. Acupuncture will restore the energy flow through your body and unblock any stagnant blood this will relieve pain, and increase immunity which in many other kidney disease is a critical factor to health. Kidney cysts have also been able to be dissolved with out any surgical procedure or any type of modern medications that are detrimental to the body. Fluid filled cysts have been dissolved through the use of holistic medicine in our clinical alone this has been proven to be true.

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