7 Different Points in the Human Body treated with Acupressure for Relieving Pain

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Acupressure works magically to relieve you of pain from different parts of your body. There are different acupressure points, also known as potent points, on your skin that are highly sensitive to bioelectrical impulses and help to conduct those impulses readily.

Do you know acupressure for relieving pain is a common treatment practiced in different parts of the world? There are several reasons accounted for pain in your body. Chronic diseases (arthritis/joint pain) and recurrent illness tend to cause toxic overload in your body. Apart from this, over-binging of junk food, food additives and pollution push the level of toxins to a great level. This prevents proper functioning of organs in your body resulting into aches, pains, tiredness and fever by reducing the body’s defense mechanism.

In such circumstances, detoxification proves useful and it can be done by drinking plenty of water, applying dietary changes and changing the ways of your life’s principles. One of the best procedures of detoxification is using acupressure technique. Here, have a look at the 7 different points where pressure can be applied for relieving pain and eliminating anxiety.

7 Points of Acupressure for Relieving Pain

  • Great rushing – This is the point located in between the big and the second toes. With acupressure, you can stimulate those points on both the foot thus refreshing and regulating the liver. Hence, stimulating those points help in curing menstrual cramps, lower back pain, headaches, vision problems, insomnia and sleeping disorders.


  • Shu Mansion – This is located right below the collar bone in the depression area. By stimulating those areas on both sides helps in regulating and stimulating functions of the kidneys. Thus, it helps in flushing out toxins. Shu Mansion helps in mitigating problems of asthma, breathing, anxiety, chest tightness, fatigue and exhaustion.


  • Three Yin Crossing – This point is located above the inner ankle bone and stimulating this point on both your legs helps in improving flow of blood and energy. The process helps in reducing lower back pain, knee pain, treating irregular menstruation, dizziness, reducing stress and insomnia.


  • Inner Gate – Acupressure for relieving pain is helpful and with the Inner Gate process, there are main points on the palm side of the hand. Acupressure for relieving pain helps in stimulating those points, thus regulating heart, stomach and liver. The pressure technique helps in relieving chest congestion, persistent cough, anxiety, cardiac pain, irritability, asthma and dizziness.


  • Lower Sea of Qi – This is the point which you will find at three fingers widths just below the belly button. Now, stimulating this point will help in relieving fatigue and also improving your immunity system, abdominal cramps, general weakness and body aches.


  • Upper Sea of Qi – As is know, acupressure for relieving pain is highly effective, and when it comes to fighting any kind of illness, or relieving anxiety and stress, Upper Sea of Qi is highly effective. This is the point located right below the center of the breast bone. By stimulating this point, you can clear the chest and improve free flow of blood to the lungs.


  • Union Valley – This point is located right between the thumb and the index finger. Stimulating this point aids in flushing out toxins through your bowel movement. The technique also helps in treating allergies, skin disorders, fever, headache, eye problem and tooth ache.


Use these 7 different points of acupressure for relieving pain and bring great improvement in your health.

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